Poem – His Precious Gift

Poem – His Precious Gift


A quiet spirit – Lord, from Thee!
So shall my heart indeed be free
From stress and strain and anxious care
Because of Him, who waits to share
From deep within His loving heart
A special promise – just for me!

Should not my spirit be at ease,
When bowed before thee on my knees?
I come and lay my burden down
Before Thy throne, and Oh! The crown
That Thou as Prince and King dost wear,
And yet you listen – to my plea

I thank Thee, Lord, that Thou dost know
My troubled heart; my deepest woe.
And nothing is too hard for Thee;
You made the land! You made the sea!
And all the way from Heaven’s gate,
You reach me – where I am.

Now may I rest my storm –tossed soul,
And welcome Thy divine control.
I hear Thy words., “Be still, my child.”
So from now on, I face the wild
And hectic life that threatens so –
With peace – His precious gift.

                        -Robert W. Wesley

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