Area Bible Study Groups

Area Bible Study Groups

The heart of Methodism during the life of John Wesley was the Methodist Class Meeting. This was a small covenant discipleship support group where members were accountable to each other. They confessed their faults one to another, prayed for each other, and stirred up one another to love and good works. Here the teachings of the Bible were examined in light of actual personal experience. Here leaders were nurtured and equipped.

This concept has been adapted to the Area Bible Study Groups of Richmond Town Methodist Church which currently meet regularly in 7 different localities for prayer, bible study and fellowship, helping bring the families in closer spiritual fellowship. The meetings are facilitated by leaders and pastors who keep in touch with the members, contacting them, visiting them and helping them out as and when the need arises. 

These ABS groups follow a systematic plan of Bible Study which enhances the Christian nurture of the members.

ABS Groups are a vital part of the of the church ministry and outreach. We praise God for using ABS Groups in the past to emerge as Outreach Worship Centers and eventually as full fledged Churches. 

Area Bible Study Groups

Note: Please contact the Coordinator for details of the home, hosting the current month’s fellowship

Would you like to join the Bible Study Group ?

Please check the Group that is closest to your residence, and contact the concerned Coordinator. You will be welcomed to the ABS Fellowship.

Desire to form a new Bible Study Group in your area ?

Please contact the Pastors with the following details; Thanks for your interest and initiative:

  1. Name of the area(s) which your Bible study Group will cover
  2. No. of families who are likely to be part of the Group
  3. Would you be willing to coordinate this group or can you suggest a name
IMP UPDATE: Regular Services will be conducted Every Sunday @ 8:15AM and 10am, at both the Church & Online