Dearly beloved in Christ,
We greet you in the most magnificent and wonderful name of our Lord and
Saviour Jesus Christ.
Welcome to the third month of the year! March was originally the first month of the year in the Roman calendar because of its association with the first day of spring. March also marked a time when war would resume after the long winter months. January became the first month of the calendar year around 700 BC/BCE. Although January 1st is New Year’s Day, many cultures and religions still celebrate the beginning of the New Year in March.
March 2020 is very special for us because the entire month falls during the liturgical season of Lent which is commonly represented by the liturgical co-lour ‘purple’ – a symbol of penance, humiliation and the sorrow of a contrite heart.

During Lent, we devote ourselves to seek the Lord in prayer and reading
the Scripture, to serve by giving alms, and to sacrifice and to also cultivate
self-control through fasting. Some of us even abstain from eating meat.
However, we are also called to practice self-discipline and fast in other ways throughout the season. We can study God’s word diligently. We can proclaim it powerfully. We can witness faithfully. We can do many good things…but only God can change our hearts and minds, and we need to seek Him in prayer together.
Prayer humbles us. It reminds us that we all depend entirely upon the Lord. Prayer together encourages us. We may discuss things together but to hear one and another pleading with the Lord is encouraging, as we realise that we are united in our longing. So we can also say that prayer together unites us.
Prayer together also edifies us, as we learn from one another’s prayers!

This month’s worship will be focused on the theme “The Power of a Praying
Church.” This is very apt for the season. One of God’s plans for the church is to be a place of prayer. Jesus Christ called the temple as a house of prayer
for all the nations (Mark 11:17). In the same way we are called the temple of God. It is essential for each one of us to be involved in the process of prayer and there is incredible power and blessing bestowed to the church that prays.
One can look into the book of Acts for a better example. The records of the
early church point to prayer as its chief priority.
The early church knew that they were responsible for each other’s well-being.
They wanted to imitate their Lord and wanted to be the salt and light to their world which they demonstrated by praying for the various needs around them.
Their prayer unlocked the storehouse of God’s infinite grace and power. They experienced God’s moving presence each and every time they came together. They proclaimed to their world that they worship a living God. At the same time God confirmed their faith by shaking the place they had gathered (Acts 4:31). And each one was filled with the Holy Spirit and proclaimed the Word boldly. In the same way we are to come together this Lenten season to pray.
All that God is and all that God has is at the disposal of prayer.
We must once again realize that our God is our Creator who created us, who maintains us, He rules us and He owns us. He is the powerful God. He is greater than any of our problems and struggles. The church in the book of
Acts is not lesser than our church. The God they prayed to is the same God
that we pray to. The God who shook them is that very God who will shake us.
The God who filled them with the Holy Spirit is the same God who desires to fill us. The God who empowered them to speak boldly is the same God who empowers us to stand for Him, Now is the time to move beyond and get involved. We need to be a praying church that shines for Jesus. May this Lenten season bring us together as a praying church! May God Bless us all.

Yours in His Service,
Pastoral Team

IMP UPDATE: Regular Services will be conducted Every Sunday @ 8:15AM and 10am, at both the Church & Online