The RTMC Sunday School Teaching Staff is doing a tremendous job for our children. I would like to thank each one of the staff or the time and effort they put in every week by incorporating interesting ways to convey the Bible lessons to the young ones. On the 16th of February, we were part of the Parent Connect initiative which was undertaken by the Sunday School team. It was good to see that the emphasis was on how we as parents can effectively connect with our children. Some of us might have expected to attend a seminar on how to raise our children, but we were engaged with something far more interesting. it was an energetic afternoon with activities for the whole family. There was a lot of consideration and planning in designing each of the activity. The focus was being a family!

We began the session with children taking turns in introducing themselves and their families to everyone. Children were encouraged to come forward and talk briefly about their families. Thinking of it now, I realize that it was much more than just an icebreaker session for the parents. Following this session, the next activity involved a craft and was driven by a story in the background. The story was about two brothers who decide to go their separate ways in living their lives. With a simple narratives and illustration, the message was brought out very thoughtfully that it’s our choice where we spend our eternity and that we should never lose the focus of “The Cross of Jesus” in our lives.

And the final activity was for the entire family to participate. Each of the family was given a set of resources which included 20 spaghetti sticks, a length of thread, a length of tape and a marshmallow. The criteria were build the tallest self-standing structure in 20 minutes, the other criteria was that the marshmallow always stayed on the top of the structure. It was fascinating how every family designed and built their unique structures. But above all the points of the activity was extremely powerful: and that is: we build strong and lasting families by keeping God in focus of our lives. The event concluded with the participants sharing their feedback – followed by a scrumptious lunch.

In this report I’m personally able to associate and recapitulate the above features from the parent connect. But yes we were truly encouraged and reminded about the importance of building a strong family, the importance of spending quality time with your children and the importance of keeping God always in focus.
Amit Yoshi

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