BS Outline-4th Jan 17

Richmond Town Methodist Church

Bible Study- ‘Understanding of Genesis and Application’ – Genesis chapters 1 to 11

 Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Purpose of Bible. Why God has given His Word. Many people read the bible for wrong reasons. 2 Tim 3:16-17.

Why do you read the bible? What is your goal?

Meaning of Genesis: In Hebrew it is the first word of the book, bereshith, “in the beginning” or “by way of beginning.” From the Greek Bible, it is Genesis, which means “beginning” or “origin”.Genesis is the book of origins, it is the beginning of everything, the seed plot of the Bible. The beginning of man, marriage, sin, death, nations, languages, and Israel. It describes the beginning of life and the beginning of death.

Author: Moses is said to have written for the people: (1) Exodus 17:14 (2) Exodus 24:4, 7 (3) Exodus 34:27, 28 God is said to have spoken through Moses to the people: Deuteronomy 5:4-5, 2. Moses is said to have spoken the words of the Torah to the people: (1) Deuteronomy 1:1, 3 (2) Deuteronomy 5:1.  OT authors attribute it to Moses: a. Joshua 8:31 b. II Kings 14:6

Jesus attributes quotes from the Torah to Moses: a. Matthew 8:4; 19:8 b. Mark 1:44; 7:10; 10:5; 12:26 c. Revelation 15:3 3. Most early Church Fathers accepted Mosaic authorship.

How do we interpret Genesis 1-11? 1. How it all began and how it will all end are veiled (Genesis 1-11 and Revelation). 2. We have all the truths needed to respond to God and to understand the Bible. Creation is a progressive revelation truth. Genesis 1-2 are foundational.

Main Truths:

How did it all begin? 1. It began with God (Genesis 1-2). It does not focus on the “how” of creation but on the “who.” It is short, but so powerful in its presentation. 2. God wanted fellowship. The creation is only a stage for God to fellowship with man. 3. Humans must respond by faith to what they understand of God’s will (Gen. 15:6 and Rom. 4).

Why is the world so evil and unfair? It was “very good” (1:31), but Adam and Eve sinned (Gen. 3; Rom. 3:9-18,23; 5:17-21). The terrible results are obvious: 1. Cain kills Abel (chap. 4) 2. revenge of Lamech (4:23) 3. unlawful unions (6:1-4) 4. wickedness of man (6:5,11-12; 8:21) 5. the drunkenness of Noah (9) 6. the Tower of Babel (11) 7. the polytheism of Ur (11)

How is God going to fix it?

  1. Messiah will come for the whole world (3:15).
  2. God is willing to work with fallen mankind and by His grace provides redemption.


Genesis 1-11– Application

Chapter 1: Gen 1:1 – In the beginning God …..John 1: 1- In the beginning was the Word…Put God first in everything …….V. 1 & 2 – Is 45:18- Origin of Satan: Is 14: 12- 15 & Eze 28 : 12-19

V.2- It became dark. God is in the business of remaking. It does not matter how dark is your condition. God can bring light in your life if you allow Him to do the work.

Every day God spoke…. God speaks…..and we need to develop the habit of listening. Are you listening to the voice of God?

3 &4 -God separated light from darkness. 2 Cor 4: 6. V.18- again separated …We all receive light but are we separated from darkness.

V.28 – Sabbath is having fellowship with God. God examined every day. We got to examine our life every day and see whether we have pleased God.

Chapter 2: The first 2 commandments

Chapter 3: Why Temptation?. Temptation is a choice between Creator and creation. 

Is Creator more important than creation in your life?

V.3:17 – What was Adam’s sin?

V.21- An innocent animal was killed- a picture of the Cross.  V.24- sword fell upon Jesus on the cross.

God is the one always seeking us… Zealously is the first sin that Cain committed

Why God cursed Cain, not Adam.? …Be careful when you hurt others.

Chapter 4 – Two men. Cain is the forerunner of Babylon, the ungodly. Abel symbolizes Godly.

Chapter 5 — Death and Resurrection

21 & 22 – Enoch walked with God and he walked outside the garden of Eden. What is our longing? To walk with God. Methuselah means ‘At his death God will bring judgment’.

Chapters 6:9- Noah walked with God. He preached thatGod would judge the world for sin. 

7:6 – When the time came God closed the door. One-day God will close the door.

Chap 10 : Beginning of Babylon which will finally be destroyed in Revelation.

Chapter 11– Nimrod is picture of Anti-Christ. What is Babylon?

11:3 – Do we use our idea or God’s idea? We need the power of the Holy Spirit. Satan uses the spirit of Babylon to deceive God’s people. We got to be alert and reject the spirit of Babylon every day.


Rev. Paul Royappa


Next Study on Wednesday, Jan 11, 2017 – Read Gen 12-25

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